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Our Quality Caregivers Provide

Better Living

For You And Your Loved Ones

Our Quality Caregivers Provide

Better Living

For You And Your Loved Ones

Proving Love Is Powerful Since 2001

Loving your family as our family


Relational Care

Our caregivers go above and beyond the call of duty to build relationships with our clients. They know that aging people deal with immense loneliness, so they come prepared to be more than a caregiver–to be a friend.


Preserved Dignity

Your loved ones worked hard to care for you, and we know how difficult it can be for them to now have to turn to you for help. We provide top-notch care so that your loved one's dignity can be preserved and strengthened.


Quality of Life

Our clients face difficult circumstances as they deal with emotional and physical health issues that come with age. Our caregivers and office staff are trained to identify these issues and provide the very best care.


Paul Wickline

The Faithful Companions caregivers, as well as the office staff, took a personal interest in my brother and not only cared for his needs but also befriended and cared for him during his chemo therapy and final illness. The caregivers were thoughtful, industrious and very kind, treating Bill with dignity and respect. Bill appreciated everyone at Faithful Companions and we would turn to them immediately in the future to help our family if the need arose.

Associate General Counsel, Parker Hannifin Corporation
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We offer free homecare assessments at the location of your choice to anyone who might be interested in our services. You'll receive a personalized care plan and answers to all your questions so you can be assured that you are making an informed decision about the care of your loved one.

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